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T h e   G a m e o p e d i a  -  G i v e   I t   A   S h o t

This quiz gives bite-sized descriptions of games found in the Gameopedia. For an in-depth look at how to pull these games off, check out an excerpt from the book here.


I've been consistently running games in one way or another for many years, and there have been many times when I wished I had a games resource like the one I've put together. The Gameopedia has already made its way into the hands of youth pastors and teachers across the GTA, and it's an honour seeing some of my favourite games get put to use in other environments.

You may be a youth group leader, a camp coach, the oldest sibling, a babysitter, or someone who's looking to spice up a party without getting arrested. Whichever it is, I humbly present the Gameopedia.


The Gameopedia is a ridiculously-easy-to-use compilation of over two hundred games that I've either played, watched, or invented. With a simple categorized layout, you can instantly find a game that will suit your needs for any group at any age. Having a party outside? No sweat. Doing an indoor balloon-themed event? Give me a real challenge. Want to make people eat disgusting foods? I'll help you make it unforgettable.


Right now, you can get a copy of The Gameopedia by clicking the link below.

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